Family Liaison

Our Rolling Valley family liaison, Carla Quiroga-Anello, serves as a link between our families and our school. She facilitates family-school communication, which empowers families to become more active partners in their children’s education.

A Family Liaison is a link between families, the community, and school staff. A Family Liaison: facilitates communication, provides FCPS information and resources to families, encourages family engagement in student education, and connects families to what their children are learning. A liaison also: builds relationships with and among families, staff members, and community members promotes understanding of families' cultural diversity, provides information about the school system, and connects families to human services.

Family Liaisons work closely with Student Services/Mental Health/Clinic Staff (counselors, social workers, and psychologists).  We give support to the office staff as well as the school administrators in various ways. Teachers and specialists benefit from our connections with parents so that we can facilitate communication among themselves.

Our major role is to advocate on behalf of the families in many aspects of their children’s educational, emotional, social, and overall well-being.  Our support for these families is key in our role as liaisons and many times Family Liaisons are the point of contact for these parents.

Lastly, we are providers of resources and connections, so it is very important for Family Liaisons to constantly be updated about the latest happenings and changes. Equally important is being knowledgeable about the FCPS system because the information needs to be accessible to families when they need it.  In other words, Family Liaisons are members of an outreach program serving the community of parents and learners.  

Carla Quiroga-Anello can be reached at 703-923-2730 Mondays and Wednesdays, or Fridays at 571-253-5966. She can be reached anytime by email at [email protected].